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Update 05-11-2021

– Recorded all tracks for the short animation movie “Varken”. Next step is the mix and then the animation team can put it on the images.

– Almost all recorded songs for the Job Chajes Sextet have been mixed and I have taken first steps to find a safe haven for the release of 9 tracks. Cd, online, vinyl, cassette? Let’s see what will come out.

– I composed two new songs for my choro quartet Grey Flamingo’s.

– Next up will be new recordings and 3 concerts with my compositions in januari hosted in the beautiful Roode Bioscoop theater in Amsterdam.

Update 18-06-2021

– After some good rehearsals we will hit the studio this week. The Sextet comes together to record 5 songs. 3 pieces for the whole group and 2 pieces for just the strings. I am happy to be able to produce material for a string trio like there is in the Sextet. Rewarding and also challenging to write a balanced composition for strings.

The 3 songs that we play with the whole group are very valuable to me. There is the composition Lanzarote that stood as model for the birth and instrumentation of the Job Chajes Sextet as it is.

Update :18-05-2021

– Currently I am composing the Suite for Contra alto clarinet for my Job Chajes Sextet. It is  one of the pieces that will be recorded when we hit the studio in june.

– The piece for Ze Radcliffe fanfare is almost finished and I am very happy with the direction I took it to. Straight up Ukranian klezmer style. Lots of trials and errors brought me to beautiful balanced dancing music. Will play it myself aswell in the Amsterdam Klezmer Band.

– The video of Do Something Now is online! Check it out on the Sextet page on this website or on my Vimeo page.

Update :22-12-2020

The recording session was a treat! We did all three pieces: Do Something Now, House Call and Hush Kitty! With Emma Breedveld on violin, Kyra Phillipi on viola, Frank Jonas on guitar, Felix Hildenbrand on upright bass and Greg Smith on drums. And the great thing is that I got supported by the Dutch government for this promotional project.

– The next great thing that happened this week is that I got a commission by the Performing Arts Fund NL to write another three pieces the upcoming months. one piece I will write for the Canadian group Ze Radcliffe Fanfare, one piece I will write for my own Sextet: A piece dedicated to the contra alto clarinet and one piece whith which I will challenge my cousin Gabriël Lester (conceptual/visual artist) to add his ideas and inspiration to my music so it will become a multidisciplinary piece of art.

update : 22-11-2020

At the moment (end of november 2020) I am composing three new pieces for an upcoming recording session: the 12th of december with my Job Chajes Sextet. The date is set at the Wedgeview Studio’s near Amsterdam. Writing new music excites me a lot and you can hear a bit on my vlog #15 which was put online recently. The vlog is to be found on this website…

 In october I worked on a project for my wife Claartje Chajes. Claartje wrote 21 poëms about the North side of Amsterdam, the borough where we live. I recorded the voices of Claartje and actor/vocal artist Hamda Belgaroui and have supplied the soundfiles with my personal musical decorum. Listen to all 21 poëms at

 I applied for a writer’s subsidy at the Dutch Performing Arts in april. Shamefully after a positive judgement, I wasn’t chosen to get the subsidy because a lack of budget. Now this fall, I got a second chance to apply and hope to get funding anyway starting januari. 

– I am planning a studio recording in december 2020. It will be for promotional purpose only, but it promises to be a lot of fun because the recording will be in the Electric Monkey Studio in Amsterdam and filmed for video.

– Composing the music for a Dutch short animation movie is finished. Together with Bram Meindersma from Audiobrand I will be working on the recording for “Varken”. The movie is about 6 minutes long, directed by Jorn Leeuwerink and supported by the Dutch Film Fund and Pupil Productions.

– The release februari 2020 of the 15th Amsterdam Klezmer Band album “Fortuna” marks another milestone in my composing career as 3 new Job Chajes compositions are published.

–  In the summer of 2019 I made 5 compositions for the houseroom “Verhalenfestival Jordaan” in Amsterdam. The Lyrics about overheated Amsterdam in touristic tension and crave for building new appartments were written by my dear partner Claartje Chajes. The songs were performed by Rebecca Lobry on vocals and HenkJan Van Minnen on accordion. A cd was recorded and is now available.

Order the cd

 – Diffirent songs that I wrote the last period are up for listening on Vimeo