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Newspage updated : 13-10-2020

I applied for a writer’s subsidy at the Dutch Performing Arts in april. Shamefully after a positive judgement, I wasn’t chosen to get the subsidy because a lack of budget. Now this fall, I got a second chance to apply and hope to get funding anyway starting januari. 

 – I am planning a studio recording in december 2020. It will be for promotional purpose only, but it promises to be a lot of fun because the recording will be in the Electric Monkey Studio in Amsterdam and filmed for video.

– Composing the music for a Dutch short animation movie is finished. Together with Bram Meindersma from Audiobrand I will be working on the recording for “Varken”. The movie is about 6 minutes long, directed by Jorn Leeuwerink and supported by the Dutch Film Fund and Pupil Productions.

– The release februari 2020 of the 15th Amsterdam Klezmer Band album “Fortuna” marks another milestone in my composing career as 3 new Job Chajes compositions are published.

–  In the summer of 2019 I made 5 compositions for the houseroom “Verhalenfestival Jordaan” in Amsterdam. The Lyrics about overheated Amsterdam in touristic tension and crave for building new appartments were written by my dear partner Claartje Chajes. The songs were performed by Rebecca Lobry on vocals and HenkJan Van Minnen on accordion. A cd was recorded and is now available.

Order the cd

 – Diffirent songs that I wrote the last period are up for listening on Vimeo