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The Sextet was called to life in 2019 to serve as a muse and as laboratory to compose for by Job Chajes.
Chajes composes music with a strong visual character, his music is often received as cinematic: a combination between classical music, jazz, worldmusic and much more that inspired him througout over 30 years as an active musician.

 The musicians in the Sextet come from different musical backgrounds in the Netherlands and are convincingly open for the writings of Chajes.
Borders to compose music for this ensemble are hard to find because there is a string section, a rhythm section and aswell very gifted solists to lead the way to great musical execution.

Job Chajes – alto/baritonsaxophone, contra alto clarinet

Emma Breedveld/Sietse van Gorkom – violin

Saskia Meijs/Kyra Philippi – viola

Frank Jonas – guitar

Jelte Van Andel – double bass

Greg Smith – drums

“Is it chambermusic? Is it jazz? Is it klezmer? No, it is Chajes music!”